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About us

Anael Real Estate is a family-run agency on the island of Antiparos in the Cyclades. Helen and Anastasios Faroupos offer unrivalled expertise in buying and selling, renting, building and restoration.

´Our policy is to recommend only properties that we would buy for ourselves. We live on a small island with our family, and our reputation is the most important thing. Because of this we remain friends with our clients from around the world.´

Helen Faroupos - Eleni
Agent broker
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Helen Varveri Faroupou (Eleni) was born in Athens and studied economics and accountancy after high school. She worked for seven years in an Athens estate agency, before marrying Anastasios and bringing up three children. The two boys and one girl are all at the local schools. Since 1991 she has been an estate agent on Antiparos, developing a detailed knowledge of the local property market. Eleni speaks French and English.

Anastasios Faroupos - Tasos
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Anastasios Faroupos (Tasos) was born on Antiparos in 1951. Following high school he worked in the construction industry in Athens, while studying part-time to become a marine engineer. After qualifying he specialised in the automation of marine engines, and travelled the world as a trouble-shooter for a major shipping company. In 1980 he returned home to Antiparos and started to build high quality houses, combining the best of modern techniques with traditional Cycladic style. He also restores old buildings, such as his recently completed apartments within the 15th century ´kastro´ of Antiparos. Tasos has taught himself the traditional crafts of making icons, frescos and mosaics. He also speaks English.

Eleni and Tasos bring together their local experience with the technical expertise to ensure that their clients’ investment is successful. Their knowledge of local planning policies, civil engineers, banks, lawyers, and notaries also helps their clients to make well-informed decisions and to do business with the minimum of fuss. They are pleased to give advice and answer any questions you may have about land and property in the Cyclades.