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Iason Teakonaz

| Athens, Greece

Tassos is the best real estate in Antiparos.He is quick, effective and understands the interest of his clients. He acts diligently and in good faith. I recommend him without hesitation.

Dimitris and Elsa Alamaniotis

| Athens, Greece
| ???

We first met Tassos and Eleni Faroupos who run the Anael Real Estate agency when we decided to buy land on the charming and beautiful island of Antiparos. They soon located and introduced us to a wonderful seashore plot and, after we bought it through them, they supervised the construction of our house. The outcome of this collaboration, especially with Tassos for all practical matters related to the construction, proved very satisfactory. Tassos is a real professional who defends successfully his clients interests yet manages to find amicable solutions to all the problems that inevitably arise in such construction ventures. We ended up not only with a wonderful house but also with two very good friends who manage to combine their professional activities with a sound and warm family life with their three young children. We strongly recommend their services to anyone interested in land and houses on Antiparos.

Ion Siotis

| Athens, Greece

Though not Antiparos born this small island has been my Greek home over the past 45 years. Over the past 20 years family and friends have joined me by buying land and building or restoring houses with the help of Tassos and Eleni Faroupos. Their intimate knowledge of every corner of the island combined with Tassos’ natural talent for inventing traditional solutions to modern living requirements has proved of invaluable help in satisfying all our needs. However, much more important than Tassos’and Eleni’s knowledge and technical skills, is their open and friendly character. If you are planning to make Antiparos your second home I could not recommend a better local partner

Gudrun Messing

| Wiesbanden, Deutschland

Im Jahre 1990 baute ich als eine der ersten kunden mit der Fa. Anael mein Haus auf Antiparos. Nicht wissend wie die Dinge beim Hausbau in Grechenland laufen besorgte mir diese Firma gleich zu Beginn eienen Anwalf, der die Eintragung im Grundbuchamt überprüfte und für das Procedere am Bau eienen Vertrag mit mi rund der. Fa. Anael machte. Dieser wurde in allen Punkten eingehalten, auch der Eizugstermin fand punktlich statt. - Mit der Bauweise, Geschmack und Liebe in Detail war ich sehr zufrieden. Bis heuteviel Jahre danach is Herr Faroupos hilfreich, ob es nun um bauliche veränderungen am Haus oder um das vermitteln von Handwerern geht. Ich kann diese Firma nur empfehlen.

Tom Lorentzen / Brita Bergsnov-Hansen

| Oslo, Norway
| +47 22496009
| +47 92013059

From the first time we started to look for an apartment in 1999 and till now we have been very pleased with Anael. Tasos Faroupos managed to find the right property for us to a reasonable price. And after completation of the sale he has continued to support us on matters like tax, painting..

As a foreigner it has been important for us to have an honest and reliable business connection in Greece. And so we found. We have no hesitation in recommending Anael and Tasos to people looking for a property on Paros or Antiparos.

Carsten Henze

Dipl.-Ing. Architekt BDA

Fasanenstraße 57

38102 Braunschweig


In 1993 I acquired a property on Antiparos. The responsible estate agent was Mr. Anastasios Faroupos from "Anael Real Estate Agency". For me as a German architect the Greek way of transacting was really new and there were a lot of difficulties, especially with the language.

Mr. Faroupos was a very important and helpful consultant in many different affairs:
                   - co-ordination with authorities
                   - negotiations with the bank
                   - making contracts

Later on, when I started building my house, Mr. Faroupos acted as a construction manager. He did his job very, very well. Mr. Faroupos was always very competent, kind and cooperative.

At present I spend most of my time in Germany. If there is any problem with my house or anything else on Antiparos, I can be sure that Mr. Faroupos will manage it and solve the problem. It's really, really helpful to have someone locally you can rely on. Beyond all, he gave me a lot of helpful information about the Greek way of life, so it was easier for me to feel comfortable in a foreign country.

Beyonf that, Mr. Faroupos is more than a consultant or business partner... he's a friend.


  1. Formalities
    All EU citizens have equal rights concerning the purchase or sale of property in Greece. Non EU citizens are also free to buy property in Greece, however with some restrictions as described bellow. The documents required for signing a property-purchase contract are:
    1. Both the buyer and the seller must provide:
      • A valid passport (or a legal identity card for EU citizens only)
      • A Greek fiscal number which is obtainable by non Greek citizens, within 5 working days by the Greek Tax Authorities.
    2. The seller should provide a "clean" B' Tax certificate issued by the competent Tax Authority, according to Law 1882/1990 proving that he has no outstanding debts towards the Hellenic Fiscus.
    3. An additional special permission is required for the purchase of properties close to the Greek borders. Such permission will be issued by the local Department Authorities and is not granted to non EU citizens.
      According to the Greek law, the purchase contract, known also as a "Purchase Deed", is signed by the buyer and the seller in the presence of:
      • A Notary Public
      • A lawyer appointed by the buyer
      • A lawyer appointed by the seller
      The buyer's lawyer is liable to investigate that the property being bought is free and clear of any charge, lien, mortgage, and especially of estate taxes (viz. land property and inheritance) or municipal taxes, damages to neighboring owners and so forth. This investigation, held by the buyer's lawyer, is the guarantee that the Title Deed of Ownership and the relevant certificates issued by the land registry, show that no third party claim or challenge of any kind exists.
      Special attention must be paid to assure that the property is sold and will be delivered to the buyer, with the benefit of full vacant possession.

  2. Additional cost when purchasing property Additional costs for the purchase of property, come in the shape of :1) 11% "property transfer tax" on the contract price, payable when buying only. The declared contract price cannot be less than the published government value which is usually far below the real cost.2) 1-2 % lawyer's fees on the contract value, subject of agreement between the lawyer and his client.3) expenses of 1,5% on the contract value , for the completion of the contract, like notary fees, registry etc..All expenses for the conclusion of the final contract, including the relative tax of property transfer will be borne by the buyer. However, each contracting party will pay the fees of his legal representative who will be present at the signing of the contract, as is required by the Greek Law.

  3. Commission payable to a real estate agent, member of the H.A.R In Greece it is customary that both seller and buyer will contribute a commission payable to the real estate agent, for introducing the buyers to the owners. H.A.R. members will also co-ordinate all movements and actions leading to the validation of the purchase contract and supervise their implementation. The exact amount of this commission is a matter of agreement between the real estate agent and his clients. It is understood that the agent's commission for his services, is due only in the event of a conclusive transaction.

  4. Annual taxes to be paid by property pwners in Greece There are no annual taxes to pay in Greece, if the total value of the properties owned by the same person, does not exceed the value of 68.000.000 drs.(200.000 Euro). The valuation of properties, is carried out by the government, which provides published values, announced for every type of property. As already mentioned above, these values are usually far below the real cost.