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The island of Antiparos is located southwest of Paros, from which is divided by a shallow channel, approximately nautical mile (900 meters) wide, and 4,2 meter deep. The island covers an area of 35sq.klm, and because of its long shape it has 57km of beautiful coasts.

The land to the north is flat and fertile while small hills rising from the center to the west, with Profitis Helias (300m.) being the highest.
The east coast of the island is smooth and sandy, while the west coast is steep with small sandy bays.
The island is surrounded by numerous of smaller islands. To the north: Kavouras, Diplo and the rocks Kokkinos Tourlos and Mavros Tourlos. In the northern entrance of the channel we come upon the Magrines, Rematonisi and Saliagos with the lighthouse and the remains of a prehistoric settlement.
Southwest we can find the biggest one, Despotiko, which together with Antiparos creates a leeward bay, and a little further more Stroggilo. All these islands except Rematonisi, are uninhabited and some of them are used as pastureland.

The main settlement, the Castle and the port are found in the north side of the island. The approximately 1000 residents of the settlement are occupied with farming, fishing and recently with tourism.
The fast and easy passage to Paros (5 minutes from Pounta and half an hour from Paroikia), gives the ability to the locals to enjoy the peaceful life of a small island, while they can also have access to the facilities of a bigger one. Either way the growth of the tourist infrastructure, with hotels, cafe, bars and commercial shops, can satisfy most of the locals and visitors needs.