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Design and building

The design and building regulations that apply to the Cyclades try to protect the environment and the local architectural style and aesthetic values. Houses cannot exceed 2 floors (ground and first) and the first floor area must be equal or less than 1/3 of the ground floor. Doors and windows must be made of wood and must conform to certain aesthetic standards. The minimum land area required to obtain planning permission is 8000sqm if the title is new (recent subdivision). For titles related before 1993 the minimum area is 4000sqm 81 acre). The maximum livable surface area of the building is 200sqm on 4000sqm of land and 280sqm 8000sqm of land. So far one can add 25sqm of garage area. These rules apply to the whole island expect the villages of Antiparos and Ag. Georgios. Anael Real Estate Agency can provide you with more detailed information on all aspects - including costs - of your building project on Antiparos.